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Introduction to TeraBlock

TeraBlock empowers individuals and businesses with the knowledge, tools and support to easily transition to Web3 economy.

Watch a short introductory video by our founder & CEO, Shivam Tandon, where he talks about our platform, its vision, and our plans for the future.

TeraBlock: One-Stop DeFi ecosystem

TeraBlock Provides Unmatched Features That Make Transitioning to Web3 Simpler, Faster, and More Economical Than Ever Before.

Simplifying Your DeFi Experience with Multi-Protocol Automation

Our progressive solution offers an intuitive Web2 frontend that provides a smoother onboarding experience for users while the complex DeFi processes are automated in the backend.

What makes TeraBlock better?

Investing made simple
The one-stop DeFi platform to help you easily navigate through the complexities of Defi.
Complete Portfolio Overview
Track multiple wallets across blockchains and get a unified overview of your entire Web3 wealth with the wallet manager.
Easily Buy Crypto
Purchase a range of cryptocurrencies directly to your web3 wallet with over 16 payment methods in 180 countries.
Multichain Swap
Innovative multichain liquidity aggregator to help you easily exchange your crypto assets at the best rates in the market across blockchains.
Multi-protocol automation to help you easily navigate through the complexities of Defi.
We don't track your data or cross-associate wallets. We do not store your private keys or seed phrase.
Nobody can suspend your wallet, freeze your money, or stop your transactions. You are always in control of your crypto!
0% advisory fees
Keep more money in your portfolio with no advisory fee, only the fees associated with trading expenses.
Smart contracts are independently audited by leading cybersecurity firms.
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