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What is TeraBlock?

TeraBlock empowers individuals and businesses with the knowledge, tools and support to easily transition to the Web3 economy.
TeraBlock helps you navigate the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) world by consolidating every step of your Defi Journey into a simple experience.
TeraBlock is the simplest way to invest in Defi. From learning the fundamentals of blockchain to discovering new assets, building your portfolio in under 15mins, conducting trades, efficiently managing your Web3 wallet and much more, TeraBlock helps you invest wisely in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
TeraBlock assists you in several ways, regardless of whether you are directly transitioning from the realm of traditional finance, making the switch from centralised exchanges, or either.
We help you build your crypto portfolio in under 15mins.

Your Crypto in Your Control

TeraBlock aggregates different DeFi utilities onto a single interface and dashboard. The most significant attribute of the TeraBlock platform is that the only way to use any of TeraBlock’s products is by connecting your existing crypto wallet to the platform. TeraBlock lets you interact with crypto without the need to hand over your crypto to the platform, which means you stay in control of your crypto at all times.

Here’s everything you can do on the TeraBlock platform:

From your first steps into crypto to managing a portfolio with diversified crypto assets, you can practically do everything on the TeraBlock platform. Let's take a closer look.

Start learning about Crypto from scratch with ​​TeraBlock Learn.

Learn is TeraBlock’s free learning forum that gives users the financial literacy to navigate the peaks and lows of the crypto markets effectively. The most important concepts and developments in blockchain are broken down and explained easily.

Invest in expert-made asset portfolios with TeraBlock CoinsList.

CoinsList is our carefully selected portfolios of cryptocurrencies that reflect diverse themes, ideas, or goals. These ready-made portfolios are a collection of diverse assets assembled for newbies to get exposure to multiple cryptocurrencies in simple, guided steps. This means that you do not have to learn about different protocols and tokens to be able to start building a portfolio. You can start by investing your funds in a ready-made asset portfolio.

Purchase Crypto Directly into your wallet with TeraBlock Buy.

You don't need first to purchase crypto on a third-party exchange to get started on TeraBlock. Buy your crypto directly on the TeraBlock platform using your bank card and redeem it directly into the safety of your connected Web3 wallet like Metamask.

Keep track of your assets with TeraBlock Wallet Manager.

Discover the simplest portfolio management tool to manage all your Web3 assets/cryptocurrency holdings from one unified DApp on a single unified interface. The Wallet Manager gives you access to analytics-backed market insights to help you build a market-winning portfolio.
This means you can build, track and manage your Web3 portfolio with the ultimate DeFi management tool. The Wallet manager gives an instant overview of your wallet, portfolio, assets, and their current value. Users can also keep track of their purchases and trades with detailed transaction history. The interface for Wallet manager features live price charts and information on thousands of cryptocurrencies.

Earn from your holdings by staking with TeraBlock Earn.

Staking with TeraBlock comes with a unique rewards Mechanism. Users can earn rewards and optimise their holdings. By staking their $TBC in TeraBlock’s staking pools, users can earn payback rewards along with platform discounts and the flexibility to redeem their funds at any time.

Swap tokens easily and securely with TeraBlock Swap.

TeraBlock Swap is an innovative multi-chain liquidity aggregator that allows users to easily exchange one cryptocurrency for another at the best rates in the market across multiple blockchains.

Bridge crypto between different blockchain networks.

The TeraBlock Bridge is a decentralised token routing solution providing interoperability across multiple blockchain networks. TeraBlock Bridge allows users to seamlessly bridge their crypto across different blockchain networks with minimal fees.

TeraBlock Swidge Multi-Protocol Automation

TeraBlock Swidge is a powerful Web3 multi-protocol automation that helps users buy, swap, bridge and transfer tokens from a multichain unified platform to a blockchain game (Play-to-earn) or a decentralised application (Dapp) in just a few clicks in one single transaction.