TeraBlock's approach to tokenisation is a cornerstone of our business model, reflecting our commitment to innovation and value creation in the DeFi space. Our tokenisation strategy is designed to align with our long-term vision, ensuring sustainable growth and community engagement. Introduction to CROSS Token The CROSS token is the cornerstone of TeraBlock's evolving ecosystem, designed to empower and streamline our decentralised finance (DeFi) offerings. It's a strategic move aligning with our vision of creating a seamless, interconnected blockchain network.
Token Name
Q2 2024

Token Utilities

CROSS, the primary utility token within the TeraBlock ecosystem, grants holders governance power, fee discounts, access to partner airdrops, and exclusive access to various products and services.
CROSS holders can participate in the decentralised decision making in the TeraBlock DAO
Fees Discount
CROSS stakers can avail discounted fees on the TeraBlock Ecosystem
SDK Subscription
Prokects stake CROSS to get instant access to SDK Subscription
Partner Airdrops
CROSS stakers get a chance to qualify for airdrops from partner projects
Grant Program
Promising projects can get grants that align with TeraBlock's mission and vision
Swap and Earn
Users earn CROSS for transactions usable within the TeraBlock Ecosystem
Liquidity Mining
Users can provider liquidity to ecosystem liquidity pools and earn rewards in CROSS
Exclusive Access
CROSS holders will get access to exclusive features, services and events
TeraBlock Rewards
The TeraBlock Rewards program incentivises community members to acquire, utilise, and stake CROSS. By participating in staking, individuals play a crucial role in the development and stability of the zkCrossDEX ecosystem.
  • Save on Fees
  • Payback Rewards
  • Exclusive Access
The transition from TBC to CROSS Token
In line with our commitment to innovation and growth, the existing TBC token will be seamlessly transitioned to the CROSS token. This change reflects our expanded capabilities and focus on cross-chain interoperability. All TBC token holders will receive CROSS tokens on a 1:1 ratio, ensuring a smooth transition and continued participation in the TeraBlock Ecosystem.