Powerful multi-protocol automation combining (Buy+Swap+Bridge)

Powerful Web3 Multi-Protocol Automation

The principal challenges associated with Web3 adoption are a lack of awareness and a widespread lack of understanding of how it works. Users must go through a big learning curve to become acquainted with the different DeFi processes. This is hampering the mass adoption of users to decentralised applications (Dapps).
Swidge is a powerful Web3 multi-protocol automation that helps users buy, swap, bridge and transfer tokens from a multichain unified platform to a blockchain game (Play-to-earn) or a decentralised application (Dapp) in just a few clicks.
  • Onboard Dapps without the complexities of DeFi.
  • Pay comparatively low fees through multi-protocol automation.
  • Use a wide range of accepted cryptocurrencies and Swidge to popular altcoins.
  • Buy crypto or use your existing funds and redeem them instantly in your chosen Dapp.
  • Fully transparent, all the transactions are publicly available on the blockchain explorers.

How Does Swidge Work