Cross-chain DEX Aggregator

Invest with a long-term view of building crypto wealth

TeraBlock Swap is an innovative multi-chain liquidity aggregator that allows users to easily exchange one cryptocurrency for another at the best rates in the market across multiple blockchains.
Swap identifies the most efficient swapping routes by aggregating and comparing the best rates in the market across all leading DEXs across multiple blockchains.
  • Smart Multi-chain Aggregator
  • Best prices across multichain DEXs
  • Instant on-chain conversion
  • Pay comparatively low fees along with low slippage.
  • Market Sentiments from LunarCrush
  • TeraBlock Swap is non-custodial, so your funds are always in your control.
  • Fully transparent, all the transactions are publicly available on the blockchain explorers.
Last modified 6mo ago