Add verified tokens & blockchains to your wallet with one click
Link is a dynamic connection protocol with a catalogue of verified tokens and EVN networks with the correct Chain ID and Network ID. Link helps you connect your Web3 wallet to verified tokens and EVM networks with a single click.
Only some tokens and networks appear in a newly created Web3 wallet, and adding them can be tedious and complicated for new users. We have simplified this process with TeraBlock Link.
  • Link removes the process of research and manually entering details to connect a
  • token or a network to help you save time.
  • Single-click dynamic automation to fetch all the necessary information required
  • to add the desired token or a network.
  • The Link catalogue is dynamically updated regularly to have verified and most
  • accurate information about a token or network.
  • The Link is entirely free to use.
Last modified 6mo ago