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A suite of progressive and advanced tools to help you interact with Web3 on a unified platform

Guided DeFi On-ramp

Simplest user onboarding onto DeFi

TeraBlock products are built for everyone and can be used regardless of knowledge and skill level. Our practical products help you interact with Defi on a unified platform. The TeraBlock 2.0 Dashboard is powered with a suite of DeFi products and features built to give newbies an edge to jumpstart their Crypto journey regardless of knowledge and skill level. The guided process is designed to provide an exceedingly simple Web3 onboarding journey. It can be used by anyone regardless of knowledge and skill level. It helps you create a new Web3 MetaMask Wallet and build your decentralised crypto portfolio in under 15 mins.
  • Education based approach
  • Hands-on user guidance
  • Video guides for each onboarding step
  • Users have complete control over the funds
  • Step-by-step guided Web3 MetaMask onboarding process
Imagine a powerful dashboard where you can hold, trade and discover a whole range of different assets in one place while keeping custody of your crypto at all times. TeraBlock provides the ultimate Dashboard for managing your DeFi portfolio with the most straightforward user experience. The following pages will guide you to the suite of utilities featured on the TeraBlock platform.