Built your diversified long-term crypto portfolio in under 10 mins!

Invest with a long-term view of building crypto wealth.

TeraBlock CoinsLists helps you invest with a long-term view of building crypto wealth.
If you’re new to charting asset prices in crypto, the lines on price charts can be very confusing. Selecting the correct tokens, purchasing them on exchanges, and creating a portfolio that beats market fluctuations is anything but simple.
TeraBlock CoinsLists help you build a low-cost, long-term, and diversified crypto portfolio.
CoinsLists is our carefully selected portfolio of cryptocurrencies that reflects a theme, idea or goal. It exposes you to the most sought-after cryptocurrencies without requiring you to invest time and effort in learning about them.
  • Place orders for multiple cryptocurrencies in 1 click as CoinsList and save time.
  • Start a small budget investment of $100.
  • CoinsList is non-custodial, so your funds are always in your control.
  • Track and manage seamlessly with a real-time value on a multi-protocol unified platform.
  • Invest in CoinsLists every week, month, or quarter with systematic investment plans (SIPs).
  • Keep more money in your portfolio with no advisory fee, only the fees associated with trading expenses.